Surfingbird is located on the beach of Theologos, a village which is only 10 minutes from the airport and 25 minutes from Rhodes town.

Kiters and windsurfers of all levels can take full advantage of the long stretched beach and the usual side/side-on wind to enjoy their preferable sport and upgrade their skills. It’s definitely one of the most “beginner friendly” spots in Rhodes, because no matter what, you never get drift away from the shore!

The wind starts calmly in the morning, making it ideal for beginners to try out their sport. As the day goes by, the wind picks up slowly and brings nice conditions for the more advanced riders!

Close to the station, about 100 meters, is the Sabina Hotel ( with a very cozy and relaxed environment.
Also, next to the station is a canteen where you can get your daily drinks and snacks.